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ATTN – Taking a break this summer and hope to be writing winter 2020 and into 2021 -take care, cheers! – RY

22/09/2018| Free
A Lil’ Mysterious

#procreate #doodle Absolutely becoming a bigger fan of procreate and iPad combo, feels different than the usual way I draw and create, practice makes perfect! 😀 Thinking of somewhere green... happy ladybugs in the starlight dancing around. This world can be horrible and tragic, however, there are moments of true harmony and bliss. "What are you farming?" That is, what are you sowing, creating, bringing to life, rising, growing, ...

21/09/2018| Professional
Digital Files

.ai .eps .tif .jpg .png .svg .gif .pdf...

22/08/2018| Free
Get Your Act Together

Theessenceofit: Invest time feeling happiness Be responsible with what you share Welcome and embrace change Let go and focus on actions you can complete Worry is a waste of time and energy for everyone Take risks and fear nothing Actions mean more than words You [are] free, your will is yours, choose who it serves Things can both take time or happen spontaneously Nothing owes you anything Embrace both...

01/04/2018| Free
Diamond In Tha Ruff One

Diamond In Tha Ruff 1 You can also find this small canvas painting on our Illustration page.

07/06/2017| Free
Fly Soon

Just means we gunna fly soon!  

26/02/2017| Free
Drawing Session

Commitment is just a word. "Doin' it" everyday is a lifestyle choice combined with consistent actions. "Living" your chosen lifestyle takes it beyond the initial commitment. Less talkin' - Mo walkin'

26/02/2017| Free
Moving Forward


18/02/2017| Free
Very Chill


18/02/2017| Free