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24/07/2019| Edmonton, YegDesign
YegDesign Edmonton

YegDesign Edmonton Cement Jungle And Green Spaces Doin' it since 1980. Photography Art by Ry #Yeg #YegDesign Let's grab coffee and follow the train tracks in EDM 😀 We can explore the #rivervalley - fav thing to do! Yeah.. We get snow and stuff... LOL 😛

24/07/2019| Adventure

Traveling [Adventures] And Smiles Photography Art by Ry In the AB+BC CA. Mountains... Sask, CA. Trips to the USA...

24/07/2019| AB
Alberta Awesome

Beautiful Province of [Alberta] Photography Art by Ry

17/10/2018| Free
Less Is More

Less Is More How about nothing? ... LOL, that's absurd! A never-ending "nothing" flashes across the landscape that is my brain... I like less more than nothing.. and surely less more than an over-kill of anything... How much less? What defines to much? The dreadful suffocating eclipsing "more" is..  Care to cut the clutter away and leave the simple honest essence that is.. (to be continued...)

29/09/2018| Free

Stash Of Happiness Everything that has contributed to happiness: Life: Exercise, sleep, shower/bath/water, ... Emotion: Love, laughter, smile, calm, trust, listen, embrace..😊 Soft and kind-hearted people are not fools. They know what people did to them, but they forgive again and again because they have beautiful hearts. Your mood should never dictate your manners. It doesn't matter how angry, upset, or sad you are. Always be respectful & polite...

22/09/2018| Free
A Lil’ Mysterious

#procreate #doodle Absolutely becoming a bigger fan of procreate and iPad combo, feels different than the usual way I draw and create, practice makes perfect! 😀 Thinking of somewhere green... happy ladybugs in the starlight dancing around. This world can be horrible and tragic, however, there are moments of true harmony and bliss. "What are you farming?" That is, what are you sowing, creating, bringing to life, rising, growing, ...